Office Pride Commercial Cleaning in the South Central Indiana and Louisville, Kentucky areas

janitorial-cleaners2March has been another exciting month here at Office Pride Commercial Cleaning in the South Central Indiana and Louisville, Kentucky areas. We have been working extremely hard to get all areas of social media developed and have begun social media marketing on Twitter, Facebook, Yahoo, Yellow Pages, LinkedIn, Google Plus, and other areas of the web. Through social media webinars and practice our social media team is growing and developing, and will continue to work to bring you all the latest news about Office Pride through these outlets. Social media will also be used to update our followers about new employees, new business affiliates, cleaning tips, and other news.

Spring is finally here and we at Office Pride are happy for the warmer weather as are our customers. This time of year also means spring cleaning time is here and our floor care workers and staff will be extremely busy over the next few weeks providing floor treatments to our customers, and getting their office buildings all of the janitorial services they need to run a more productive business in a professionally clean environment.  Office Pride Commercial Cleaning provides carpet cleaning and hard floor treatment services and we are always looking for new opportunities to provide these services to new businesses.

Commercial Cleaning Louisville Kentucky Cleaning Janitorial Services

Area Developer Fred Paris is also working hard to develop a telemarketing team to reach out to businesses in the South Central Indiana and Louisville, Kentucky areas.  He will also be working with all of the franchisees in these areas to develop their quarterly reports and provide training sessions about marketing and other aspects of growing their franchise businesses. The commercial cleaning business is a business of constant growth and development and we are proud of all of our team members on all levels.  Each month they all continue to work hard to provide all of our customers with top quality janitorial services, cleaning services, floor care, inspections, and all other aspects that help our business and theirs.

Office Pride’s main office staff located in Franklin, Indiana will also be working with the social media team to provide updates to our followers. These updates will include employment opportunities, announcements about staffing, business opportunities, and training opportunities that will be available to our franchises. With all of these exciting things happening within the Office Pride Commercial Cleaning areas of South Central Indiana and Louisville, Kentucky we hope that you will continue to read our blogs, visit our website, follow us on twitter, and find us on the other social media sites you frequent.  Thank you for your interest in Office Pride and we will continue to provide news and updates about janitorial services, cleaning tips, social media, marketing, and anything else we can to update you about the growth and development of our business.