General Office Facilities Cleaning and Building Maintenance LouisvilleFirst Impressions Count. But then so do second and third impressions, and every one thereafter. It is human nature for people to look down and when they walk into your building, what do they see? Your floors. Office Pride understands the special needs and techniques of cleaning and maintaining high traffic business floor whether it be carpet, tile or vinyl, concrete or wood. Your floors are a direct reflection on your business.

Studies also show that customers value the cleanliness of restrooms, counters and waiting areas most when deciding to do business in an establishment. The first impression image that a clean facility creates is a lasting one. Your offices are a direct reflection on your business.

Office Pride’s General Cleaning for any Office or Business

Office Pride uses state-of-the-art cleaning equipment and some of the safest and most effective certified commercial cleaning chemicals – not less effective (and less expensive) retail store cleaners. Our unique Color-Coded Cleaning System eliminates potential for cross-contamination between restrooms and waiting rooms, offices and break rooms.

Find out why hundreds of businesses and offices nationwide rely on and recommend Office Pride for their routine janitorial services.

Let us put you on the right track for a clean work environment!

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